tagtog adapts to your needs


This is our core product. Use tagtog to get insights from text relevant to your specialized domain or field of interest. Our users are quickly training machines that help them to extract concepts from text automatically. Join us!

Are you familiar with any of these cases?

  • My team periodically reads or analyzes text (e.g. reports, documents, websites, etc.) manually. I would like to partially/fully automate this task.
  • I have text (e.g. reports, documents, websites, etc.) from which I need to get insights specific to my industry/company.
  • I need to categorize text automatically.
  • I need training data/labeled data for my AI algorithm.
  • My team needs a tool to annotate text efficiently.
  • I want to create an annotated corpus.
  • I want an interactive tool to train my own NLP algorithms.
  • I struggle reading documents/reports as they contain a lot of references. I need a tool to assist me reading them.

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Consulting services

  • System integration
  • Development of NLP solutions
  • Custom installations of tagtog
  • Specific feature requests for tagtog
  • Machine teaching specific to your needs (we train a model that can find in text the patterns requested)
  • Ontology development

Generation of high-quality annotated text/training data at scale

We have built a network with experts from different fields that are ready to annotate specialized text or correct pre-annotated data:

  • We accurately categorize and annotate your text following your guidelines. We identify entities or relationships and normalize them.
  • We also validate and correct pre-annotated data.
  • We provide you with the text annotated in the desired format.
  • Annotations are reviewed by our experts and the inter-annotator agreement is verified to ensure their quality.
  • One of our specializations is the biomedical field.

Publish your datasets with the help of our growing community

Use datasets created by the community. Collaborate with other users to create or extend datasets. Share or keep private.